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First of all , for all of you who didn’t hear of TEDxRamallah , get to know it : .

Second , If you missed it then you really missed A LOT , even if you participated in other TEDx events , because this one is truly different .. and here’s why:

  1. It was the first TEDx event ever to be conducted in 22 cities at the same time , and the speakers were in 3 countries.
  2. TED is all about “Ideas worth spreading” , well in TEDxRamallah it was more like “Stories worth spreading”.
  3. The speakers were chosen carefully , they were Businessmen/Businesswomen, Writers, Artists, Academics, Engineers.. etc. but the common thing between them was “PALESTINE” , they all were Palestinians or at least did something HUGE for Palestine.
  4. TEDxRamallah was trending on Twitter , along with 5 speakers names at the same time .. in other words at that time we conquered Twitter Trending List.
  5. TEDxRamallah team was one of a kind , we all worked together like we’ve known each other for years , which reflected on the audience because you could see a smile wherever you look.

Well, if you wasn’t there then yes you have the right to kill yourself … but wait we might be giving you another chance , because TEDxRamallah will be held again next year enshallah , it might as well be TEDxPalestine , who knows ! but I can promise that this kind of events wont stop , and we will keep working for Palestine till the last breath we take.

Have a look at some of the pictures there here thanks to my friend Mohammad.













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